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    * Our workmanship will be in accordance with highest standard in below mentioned works.

    * We specializes in aluminum architectural building products like structural glazing, curtain
       wall, composite panel, cladding, casement window and doors. We have our own in house
       manufacturing facility with latest equipments and skilled group of people to give born to 
       quality products. Through our innovative products we hope to extend the boundaries of  
       architects, designers and builders and change the face of architecture in India.

    * Quality and Customer Satisfaction have always been the keyword and concern to  us.

    * Please contact us if you require more information on products, which do not feature on this
       site as we specialise in tailor-made options.

Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP) :

We are leading aluminum composite panel fabricator, installer and designers in Maharashtra and Karnataka. Our work of aluminum composite panels though it be Designing of new building or Transforming the existing building structure into the new versatile look and style without any structural change of existing building structure or installing and fabrication, all are of very high quality and can be availed through us only. Our ACP panels are used for various number of applications by everyone in the industry. We also supply our products at very reasonable prices. And our products can also be availed in a timely manner without any delays. Our different kinds of aluminum composite panel canopy are highly appreciated by the designers and professionals. 

Structural Glazzing :

Structural Glazing with silicone, which is a specialized curtain walling system. It allows perfect uniform large glazed spaces that are not interrupted by traditional frames or any other supporting or fitting system projecting out of the pane of the glass. Instead of being fitted in the frames, the glass is fixed to a support, which is attached to the structural element of the building. The tightness of the whole being obtained by a silicone seal. The glass is fixed on the support by means of the silicone seal along the edges of the internal surface.


Spider and Patch Fittings :

Automatic /Sensor(s) Doors:

We offer turnkey solutions for Automatic Sliding Doors. These Automatic Industrial Sliding Doors are provided for various applications in different sectors. We offer customized services for establishing Automatic Doors. We manufacture and supply these Industrial Automatic Sliding Doors according to requirements, budget of customer and demands of market. These Doors are available at very economic prices while maintaining quality of products. Our range of Industrial Automatic Sliding Doors is manufactured adhering to the international quality norms and  successfully catering various requirements of customers.  

Aluminium Windows and Doors :

Aluminum doors & windows are of premium quality and are highly demanded by all. The quality of our doors and windows is exquisite and is unmatchable to all others. We specialize in wholesale aluminum  doors and windows offer prolific deals in it. We also supply our doors and windows at very reasonable prices for everyone to avail them easily. We specializes doors and windows for high rise residential building complexes. We also deliver our products within the stipulated time avoiding all delays as we have in house sufficient stock all the times in hand including some special kind of series for all kinds of architectural building products. We have also positioned ourselves as one of the renowned aluminum doors and windows manufacturers and suppliers in Maharashtra & Karnataka

Aluminium Partitions :

We offer aluminium partitions. We enable our clients in transferring their ideas into a reality and and constructing different structures with a mesmerizing appeal.

Glass Work :

We, constructing different structures with a mesmerizing appeal.
Dealing in Float glass, plate glass, drawn soda-lime glass, rolled sheet glass, sheet glass and blown sheet glass. We also undertake sandblasting, acid etching or by being mechanically ground to provide obscurity,light diffusion or decorative effects. We stock a range to glasses and mirrors with standard thickness and dimensions. We also offer a range of optical, conductive and solderable thin films for glass.
        Etching.   Polish.   Stain.   Acid Work.